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Monday February 19th 2018

Does a money transfer require that you’ve a bank account?

Is it possible to transfer US dollars to an organization that only accepts Euros using a money transfer? I don thave a bank account.

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6 Comments for “Does a money transfer require that you’ve a bank account?”

  • cute as a button says:

    it’s essential to get one it's the safe solution to go and you’ve got more protection along with your money but to reply to your question yes they do try Weston union on-line and you’ll get more info that way

  • lucreciacresent says:

    yeh it does.

  • Nitin Vaid says:

    I suspect if so you’ll contact agents like western union and travelx they’re going to be capable of help u

  • z_sajiu says:

    Refering for your question. I believe it’s ok. After the cash been transfered to you, your bank detail should offer you the detail of the transfer. If the cash been transfered using Euros, it may be indicate inside the details.

  • Kay says:

    You can could be see by looking into the company ways by which they except funds. But when it comes to transferring funds, most companies required that you’ve got an account to be debited in case you are sending funds through a financial institution via wire transactions.

  • Pepper says:

    A wire transfer..yes it is advisable to have an account.

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