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Sunday February 18th 2018

How do you transfer money into someones PayPal account?

Say you could have a PayPal account & you dont have any money in it & theres someone who wants to send your cash/ transfer money into your account, so that you simply do have some. How does the person transferring the cash to you go on about doing this?

2 Comments for “How do you transfer money into someones PayPal account?”

  • John C says:

    With their PayPal account! They use the email address you might have registered with PayPal to send it!

  • J G says:

    Once logged into Paypal, there's a "send money" button on the horizontal menu near the pinnacle of the page. They may send money to any email address, so just give them your email address.

    If it's the email address you already have registered with Paypal, it should just appear for you, and you'll get an email from Paypal letting you know. If it's a special email that isn't registered with Paypal, Paypal will send an email so you will get the cash into a new Paypal account, or one you already have with yet another email address.

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