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Monday February 19th 2018

i have a dollar account @ the land bank of the philippines.i wis my representative can do the withdrawal?

coz, im insouth korea this time, i made an authorization letter for the withdrawal of my money left,in my behalf my mother will do the withdrawal,but the bank officer rejected it.help pls.

6 Comments for “i have a dollar account @ the land bank of the philippines.i wis my representative can do the withdrawal?”

  • allan y says:

    the bank is just safeguarding your account and doing due diligence. you can make an authorization letter and have it notarized in the philippine embassy in seoul. no other way but to do that.

  • mpicky2 says:

    I suggest calling the bank. Let them know you're out of the country and you'd like to know how you can have your mother withdraw money from your account on your behalf. A power of attorney is usually required for those types of transactions but it never hurts to ask; every bank has a different policy.

  • Dave Star says:

    Well, you can always go to the Philippines and withdraw your money. It's only 5 hours flight. The bank officer is just doing his/her job and I appreciate what he/she is doing.

  • mrticketphils says:

    Go to the Philippine Embassy in Seoul and execute a 'Special Power of Attorney' in favor of the person you wish to authorize to withdraw the money. Ensure to indicate the correct account # and branch of the bank. The person authorized will have to identify him(her)self with a valid government issued ID.

  • Ö shë-rí Ö says:

    your mom can send in the withdrawal form to you and then you sign in and with her as a representative on your behalf. try asking the bank, i think they would allow this type of transaction.

  • lindaltan@yahoo.com says:

    Pls ask your mother to send you the withdrawal slip by federal express or DHL so that it can reach you fast. On the withdrawal slip, there's a slot for authorized representative. You need to sign it as well as your representative. If you have a passbook, pls send it to her also. Youneed to send at least one of your valid ID and also your mother should present a valid ID also.

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