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Tuesday January 16th 2018

If a parent dies do you have to pay his/her credit card off?

I heard if you live with a relative and that relative dies you have to pay off the credit card. Is this true?

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  • rcdrury says:

    No; unless you were joint on the account. The account is paid in probate from the estate.

  • rtfm says:


    If you are the executor of their will or the administrator of their estate, you are responsible for paying all their just debts and obligations from the proceeds of the estate — but you are never legally responsible for paying any of their bills out of your own pocket.

  • burtainian says:

    No – it's their card, not yours. HOWEVER, don't be surprised if you get calls from collectors trying to tell you otherwise – this actually happens quite frequently.

  • Dee Dee 24 says:

    If you are the executor of their Will you will be obligated to pay their debt off prior to the other recipients receiving their portion of the estate.

  • Stephanie S says:

    No, just like the other said…. but just wanted to put in a little information.

    My Mother in Law died and we did not cancel her credit card. 2 months later we get a call that they are turning her into the credit bureau. She has a $2.00 charge on her card which turned into $200.00 because of not making the minimum payment. I told the company she had passed away, and they would not take that as an answer. They had the nerve to tell me their computer was not set up for death!!! They demanded to know her current address, so I gave them the address of the cemetery where she was buried. A few months later they called back , mad because the bill was returned to them again…. and they stated they would be serving her with court papers unless she paid off this debt. When I asked what the amount of the debt was, they could only tell her! Needless to say, several months after that we had a sheriff at the door wanting to serve my Mother in Law papers. I explained to the sheriff that she had been dead for a year now, and how the credit card company's computer was not able to compute death. The sheriff just laughed and told us to forget it!!!

    How strange is that?

  • Beth C. says:

    Stephanie: That is so ridiculous! I have read other stories like that. My mother is 82 and not in great health. We have talked about these things. She has a couple of very small life ins. policies and they will not pay off her $10,000 credit card. I am hoping that they won’t take any of the little bit of life insurance that she has. She owns nothing. Just her clothes and a little bit of cheap jewelry. She lives with me, and the mobile home is in my name. Just feeling sad today.

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