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Monday February 19th 2018

Starting a Roth IRA

Investing for retirement in IRAs is a good idea, especially right now when there are so many bargains in the stock market. A Roth IRA allows a contributor to have more flexibility in their plan when it comes to choosing stock in which to invest. Unlike other IRAs that do not allow the trading abilities and operate more like a savings account; the Roth IRA invests in stocks, commodities and some conservative investments.

Starting a Roth IRA means finding a broker that will be able to open the account. As is the case whenever opening any kind of brokerage account, the fees should be checked. While some brokers charge reasonable fees, others are way over the top. One of the first things a person who wants to start an IRA account with a broker should look for is the fee to open the account and maintain the account.

Contributing to the IRAs means fewer taxes on earnings. All of the capital gains earned in an IRA account is deferred until the time when the individual begins drawing out of the account. Currently, those who invest in IRAs can start to remove any of the money in the Roth IRA or other retirement vehicles, at the age of 59 ½. By the time the individual is 70, however, they must start taking some of the money out.

Unlike other IRAs, the Roth IRA does not allow for tax deductible contributions. The reason that many people choose this vehicle is because they want to have the greatest flexibility with earnings and are looking for high yield. Other IRAs tend to be more conservatively invested, whereas Roth IRAs involve more risk. This risk usually ends up paying off by the time the person is able to start drawing out on it as the stocks continue to rise in value. Someone opening up a Roth IRA today may want to look into getting some solid, blue chip stocks in which to invest in their IRAs as the drop in the stock market over recent months has lowered the cost of purchasing stocks, even those that are traditionally big earners. This is a break that those who are looking towards investing should take advantage of to purchase stocks at a lower rate and watch them climb over the years.

IRA brokers can help an individual open up their account and make it easy to make trades in the investment when desired. Those who are seeking to open up these type of retirement accounts should look towards the broker as well as the fees involved for trading and maintaining the account and choose one that will offer low fees and reliable service.

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