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Monday February 19th 2018

What is the best Credit Card in Singapore and why?

Looking for the best credit card in Singapore. Which is the best? What is your criteria? What should one look? Fyi, Im a young adult. Thanks for sharing your views!

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  • Ray says:

    Any credit card that has no annual fee. Try to get a higher credit limit also. Make payments on time or in full when possible to maximize your credit potential. Then, ask for a credit line increase every 6 months.

  • James G says:

    basically what you need to look for are credit cards that do not have an annual fee, low apr on balance transfers, purchases and cash advances. but you should also ask yourself, what type of card carrying citizen are you going to be. it also boils down to what kind of lifestyle you have. there are heaps of cards out there, a lot of them target different types of people. try checking out different types of credit cards with my suggestions in mind. also, a couple of sites that i hope will help you.

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