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Monday February 19th 2018

Whats the way to transfer money from the u. s. to the ecu?

What is find out how to install an automatic/scheduled money transfer from a bank within the US to a bank in Europe without being axed by transfer fees?

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  • chiefsarrowhead says:

    I even have used http://www.emoneygram.com to wire money through Money Gram services. However, I do not think they’re installed for re-curring transfers and they do charge a fee for each transfer.

    A tip for using emoneygram.com…use your debit card or bank account. While you use a credit card, you may be charged for a cash advance by your credit card company. Not good…

    My other suggestion is to add this person who you might be sending money to, in your bank account here within the USA. Then, they’ll use a debit card overseas at an ATM. The fees could be minimal and you may just add money to the bank account.

    Tip for this feature: Visa charges 2% for every overseas transaction (which really isn't much) and ATM fees will apply.

    Good Luck!

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