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Sunday February 18th 2018

Why Silver is an effective Investment

Silver has a rich history be it use for forging out sword handles, ornaments or its use as currency for early monetary exchanges, Hence silver has forever been more than just a precious metal it’s been a component and parcel of ancient life, an analogous still continues to this present day by its use in various industries and electronics items though very few realize how Silver has been at the helm of electronics and communications industry ; and how it affects the luxuries of life that we take without any consideration today. Even centuries ago silver was a sign of opulence hence the famous adage “born with a silver spoon”.

In ancient times silver was used more extensively than gold as money, and use of silver in coins and currency could be very well be seen as early as a number of centuries A.D. within the Indian subcontinent and china. Silver was preferred over gold in most economies by reason of its comparative lesser worth and simple availability in comparison to gold, usage of gold coins though seen in many ancient civilizations like the Incas were few and far between, simply because sometimes the currency itself was worth much more than the commodity making its use impractical. The currency as we know of it today has a relatively short history, even eminent noble prize winner Milton Friedman acknowledges silver as the most important monetary metal in history over the entire other precious metals like gold.

As mentioned earlier with the exponential growth in electronics industry that requires silver for its property of high conductance its industrial demand is increasing and supply is finding it hard to take care of. Over the last few decades, as a result of lack of awareness and insight amongst the foremost element of investment agencies, financial brokers and agents regarding silver, it’s been neglected and has been thought to be an undervalued asset, but with the signs of economic crisis looming large this ignorant mindset towards silver has changed and the financial services industry now recognizes it as a smart investment strategy for diversification of one’s investment portfolio. Silver investment is now said to offer a balance in an excessively aggressive investment portfolio.

With ominous signs towards gross inflation in day after day commodities and goods, coupled with economic failures, currency crisis and marked deflation within the assets like properties, stocks and bonds, timing couldn’’t be better for taking a plunge into silver investing because it’s not been called ” The key monetary metal in history” for nothing.

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